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Business Builder 3.5

A business management tool which integrates contact management&order processing
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Business Builder™ is a business management software package designed specifically with the small to medium sized business in mind.
It pools, centralises and integrates your business information enabling you to share this information across your team and maximise its use, from meetings, tasks and communications through to orders, invoices, bookkeeping & accounts.

At the heart of Business Builder™ is the Open Module Architecture. Business Builder™ uses this core to integrate the Business Builder Modules together into one easy to learn and easy to use Business Management Software package.

As additional Modules can be added at any time to your system, this enables Business Builder™ to expand and increase its functionality as you need it to - including the option of having modules developed specifically for you to address any unique aspects of your business.

Business Builder™ enables you to perform these repetitive tasks more quickly and easily. Even the smallest business has a lot of work to perform, much of it being an overhead before you even begin to fulfill the actual provision of your products or services. Business Builder™ addresses not only these "overheads" but also the specific tasks that relate to the running of your particular business.

Main features:
-Contact Management
-Accounts Management
-Duplication Guards
-Categories Manager
-Target Group Manager
-Diary and Task Management
-Products / Services
-Order Manager
-Repeat Order Manager
-Invoice Manager
-Transaction Manager
-Credit Limits / Payment Terms
-Multiple Users
-Personalising Business Builder

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